Chembra Peak Guide and Heart-Shaped Lake in Wayanad

Chembra Peak Guide and Heart-Shaped Lake in Wayanad

Chembra Peak in Wayanad will be a perfect stop for you, if you are an admirer of soothing natural beauty and if you love to have an adventure trip, then. South of Kalpetta is located 8 km near to the town of Meppady, lays the highest peak in Wayanad, the Chembra Peak (2,100 m). Vallarimala in Kozhikode and Chembra peak adjoins Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu.

You can reach the peak from the town of Meppady through walking. The peak is visible from almost all parts of Wayanad. This peak is an ideal destination for trekking activities. You should take prior permission from the Meppady forest office before going for a trek at Chembra Peak. The forest office will be open on all days.

Full night camping is not allowed at Chembra peak as there is a threat from lurking wild animals. Almost, it takes at least three hours to reach the top point of Chembra peak. On your way, you can sight a heart-shaped lake, which is said to have never dried up. It is one of the famous attractions of this peak.


Chembra peak Facet :

This lake is known as ‘hridhayathadakam’. From the peak top, you will get wondered by seeing the whole Wayanad. You can also view Malappuram, Kozhikode, and Nilgiri districts from here. You will get amazed by the enthralling beauty of nature here.

There are many peaks nearby Chambra peak. To climb into the hill is difficult, as they are covered with dense forests. The full trekking charges for a group of 10 members to Chembra peak, is Rs.500 and for international tourists, the amount is Rs.1000 for a group. Chembra Peak is worth visiting all year around. But it might be good, if you avoid the place on the rainy season, as the descent can be quite slippery during heavy monsoon seasons. There are many bus services are available, both government and private, to reach Chembra. You can easily get down at Kalpetta and from there to Chembra.

Chembra Peak Experience :

Meppady is located in the bumbling town and just 8 km south of the beautiful town, Kalpetta which stands the highest peak of the Wayanad Hill Range- the Chembra Peak located at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. Panoramic view of Chembra peak is not only the entire Wayanad district but also a large chunk of Kozhikode, Malappuram and Niligiri districts.

The Chembra peak is surrounding lush greenery and the famed heart-shaped lake make it a paradise for travellers to explore. Heavenly beauty of western ghats and their peace & calm and their natural wealth. A dwelling by the clouds, the Ghats are known to have many famous peaks in its collection but none more than Chembra Peak in the Wayanad Hills at Mepaddy. The Chembra peak is famous among trekkers for providing an awesome one-day trekking experience with relatively low cost on energy and pocket.

Chembra Peak Features :

On the way to the peak, they are confronted with another gift of nature in the form of a heart-shaped Lake which is believed to have never dried up and is a major tourist attraction here. The Banasura Sagar Dam view is also mesmerizing. The huge dam stands out in the green blanket and appears to be a shiny silver metal disk sitting between the trees.

Since Chembra Peak is a part of the Wayanad Hill Range, it is surrounded by numerous other peaks from the range too. The peak beauty is multiplied when you look at them from the Chembra peak because that is the highest point in the range- so you would be looking down at other majestic and unquestionably high mountain peaks!

Best Time to Visit :

The correct and best time to trek to Chembra Peak is between September and March. In this period is just after monsoon ends, the forest will be dense and lush green, and the atmosphere will be cool and cloudy. In the February and March, as summer settles in, the grass will be slowly turning brown and yellow, and trees may start to shed from the dryness.

If you’re looking for trekking, where you are surrounded by greenery, consider going before February. Try to avoid trek in the monsoon because the path will be very slippery and the weather won’t be very cooperative. So, it is preferable to start the trek early in the morning. Experiencing the morning freshness and the soft sunshine is an experience you will cherish forever.