Mesmerizing Place for Road trip from Bangalore to Coorg

Mesmerizing Place for Road trip from Bangalore to Coorg

Are you looking for an escape from daily routine and need a rest from the tight schedule? For Bangalorean, Coorg is the best runaway place. Coorg is known as, “Scotland of India”. This alluring and mesmerizing town is located near Bangalore. On the way to your peak, you can see the beautiful greenish scenery, coffee plantation and breathtaking waterfalls, start to enjoy it by the road ride. Coorg is the best hideout for the travel lover, especially for the adventure enthusiast. Plan your weekend here with your family or with your friends to raise the energy bar to hit the maximum when you reach back to Bangalore. One of the favourite highways for bike lovers in Bangalore to Madikeri road. You will lose yourself in the scenic beauty, and you can get the everlasting memories when you hit the road by bike. Coorg offers obstacle free view, explore it with your partner, especially in the bike. You will feel the “ARR BGM” in the mesmerizing look, and the misty cloud surrounds you. The beautiful fog awaits you on the entrance of Coorg. The best time to go Coorg is from September to March. During this time the weather in Coorg is quite refreshing and pleasant. Save you some time to know more information about “ Bangalore to Coorg trip”.

1. Brahmagiri Peak:

Brahmagiri Peak

Trekking is one of the best ways to lose yourself in nature. One day journey is not sufficient if you want to explore all the places in-between. Plan your trip around 3 to 4 days for getting the peace that Coorg offers. One of the best trekking peak in India. You cant see such a fantastic view ever. Soak yourself in the whitish-grey misty fog in Brahmagiri peak. This place will let you in windy slashing and greenery rocky steps. Once you reach the end of the peak, that place will leave you in the spellbound. Explore the landscape of Brahmagiri peak, and experience the peak at its best. 

2. Mandalpatti:


The best thing to do in Coorg is “Mandalpatti”. This place is favourite for many, the reason behind this Jeep ride. Jeep ride to the peak with your friends or better half brings alluring experience. Watching the sunset in the height of 1600m in Mandalpatti is the most famous one. The journey almost takes 5 hours to reach the destination. That total of 5 hours brings you to feel special. The panoramic view site brings the exotic feel inside. This place is ranked as one of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore. Take the road ride from Bangalore to Mandalpatti. To reach the peak Mandalpatti by jeep and the beauty of the place does not stop tourists from visiting this beautiful place.

3. Abbey Falls:

Abbey Falls

Located close Madikeri, Abbey is a 70 ft high cascade in the middle of the Mandalpatti – Madikeri course. Iruppu is another acclaimed cascade in Coorg. It is increasingly a journey spot on account of the nearness of the Rameshwara sanctuary, a popular Shiva sanctuary. Mallalli falls, one of the biggest and most elevated cascades in Coorg, and Chelavara falls are the different well-known cascades in Coorg. Raja’s seat It is one of the most visited places of interest in Coorg. Raja’s seat is an occasional nursery of blossoms and counterfeit wellsprings where the Kings of Coorg used to loosen up watching the setting sun with their rulers. The variety of pink and orange hues showered on the canvas of sky by the setting sun is a quality to watch. Who wouldn’t dream of such Royal nightfall?

4. Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery Or Golden Temple:

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery

Situated in Bylakuppe, Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is considered as one of the main ten must-visit Buddhist Monasteries in India. This spot is home to nearly 3000 priests today and offers a tranquil situation to investigate and encounter the way of life of Coorg. Do stop by at the conventional and workmanship stores, which sell shawls and other sorts of antiques. 

5. Mallalli Falls:  

Mallalli Falls

The surprising sleek white Mallalli Falls discovers home the north of Kodagu space is that the pride of the state, India. The falling falls set twenty-six kilometre off Somwarpet directly at the bottom of the Pushpagiri Hills leave vacationers enchanted with its excellence and quality. It begins from wherever the Kumaradhara watercourse takes an outrageous jump off in more than a thousand m and then takes a characteristic course prompting the Arabian Sea. Soak up the magnificence and see the sights of the abundant wildernesses, the encircling landscape, and therefore the waterway jumping profound from the basis of Mallalli Falls. Mallalli Falls is that the most hunted for when nonworker goal to analyze in Coorg, Karnataka. It’s one amongst the distracting characteristic wonders, abundant of the time mentioned at the side of the Abbey Falls, Kodagu. One can’t believe the very good excellence of Mallalli Falls with another water body within the province of the state. Mallalli Falls is in its full structure throughout the stormy season, plunging from on top of in a very successful and in 2 levels. You’ll acknowledge this gorgeous magnificence from the foot of the Pushpagiri Hills. Continue strolling to listen to the celestial sound of the water tumbling from on top of, increasing in dB whereas you trek up towards this characteristic marvel. Whereas drawing nearer to Mallalli Falls, you’ll feel the cool sprinkle of water touching your face, once trekking through the large Western Ghats path. Visit throughout the storms, as Mallalli Falls could be a regular marvel. A car drive towards Mallalli Falls is associate degree encounter that you can love till the tip.