Admiring Road Trip From Hyderabad

Admiring Road Trip From Hyderabad

Hyderabad is renowned for its delectable biryani and noteworthy spots. While there are bunches of things to find in Hyderabad, there are likewise numerous spots around the city to investigate on end of the week travels from Hyderabad. A weekend escape with companions or family loaded up with fun, giggling and sustenance is a brilliant method to spend a short occasion.

Here are the absolute best places to see on end of the week escapes or travels from Hyderabad.



Arranged on the edge of the Tungabhadra River, Kurnool is a tropical escape goal close Hyderabad. In the event that you adore drawing near to nature and closer to your friends and family, this is an extraordinary spot for visiting by means of an excursion from Hyderabad. Also, independent of whether you’re a history buff or not, you will appreciate to the fullest when you’re here.

2. Adilabad:


Situated in Telangana, Adilabad is a community with an old-world appeal. From cascades to untamed life havens, it has everything around for treating the nature admirer and swashbuckler in you. Along these lines, in case you’re searching for the best excursions in India from Hyderabad, this is the spot to visit!

3. Bidar:

Bidar is found 146 km from Hyderabad. Situated over a slope in the north-eastern piece of Karnataka, this rough city is known for chronicled and religious destinations. One of the most well-known spots to see is the vestiges of Bidar Fort. It is frequently utilized as a shooting area for motion pictures. You can likewise look at the Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple, the Bahamani Tombs, the Rangeen Mahal, and the Taraksh Mahal.

4. Warangal:


Warangal, which is situated around 150 km away from Hyderabad, is additionally loaded up with noteworthy destinations. When the seat of Kakatiya Dynasty, it is known for the lofty thirteenth century Warangal Fort and its sanctuary engineering. The best models are the twelfth-century Bhadrakali Temple, Thousand Pillar Temple, and Ramappa Temple, which are decorated with unpredictable figures and carvings.

5. Gulbarga:Gulbarga

Officially known as Kalaburagi, this city is renowned for its chronicled landmarks, sanctuaries, tombs and heavenly food. Situated at a separation of 623 km from Bangalore, Gulbarga, the regulatory central station of Gulbarga locale in Northern Karnataka, is a basic milestone in the history and culture of the district. Home to numerous renowned religious spots like Buddha Vihar, Sharana Basaveshwara Temple, Gulbarga is additionally known to be one of the Sufi urban communities. The obvious engineering and landmarks of the region, with Hindu and Muslim impacts in equivalent measure, look shocking and quiet. With a bustling visitor season, spending settlement choices and beautiful celebrations, Gulbarga guarantee a charming time with your friends and family. In case you’re searching for a solid portion of social excellence, legacy and amazing areas, Gulbarga is the ideal spot for you.

6. Pattadakal:

Pattadakal is a minor town, otherwise called Raktapura or Pattadakallu, houses a progression of ten great stone sanctuaries which go back to the seventh and eighth century. Out of these ten, nine are Hindu sanctuaries, and one is a Jain sanctuary. Lying near the Badami and Aihole focuses of Chalukya landmarks, it is a secured site, overseen by ASI (Archeological Survey of India). These excellent, forcing structures were recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. Each of the ten sanctuaries is grand in their sheer size and point by point design, intelligent of a mix of North Indian Nagara and South Indian Dravidian development styles. Lying close by the Malaprabha waterway, they have appropriately earned the designation “support of Indian sanctuary engineering”. The attractions in Pattadakal are the sanctuaries here which are incredibly created and grandstand the best of different sorts of engineering. This mix gives the town a decent arrangement of hugeness in the travel industry and structural scene. These sanctuaries offer the town its exceptional personality. The different sanctuaries her that one must visit are Jain sanctuary, Papanatha sanctuary, Galaganath sanctuary, Sangameshwara sanctuary and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

7. Nagarjunasagar:

A dam constructed on the Krishna river, Nagarjunasagar remains on a site that was at just once the capital of associate previous administration and also the put concentration of Buddhist lessons in South India. Buddhist spiritual communities associated totally different landmarks found here are migrated to Nagarjuna’s Hill that is presently an island amidst the shop.


Throughout expedition from Hyderabad, you’ll be able to anticipate seeing all-encompassing landscape round the dam that is one amongst the tallest on the earth. The lake created by the dam is the third biggest artificial lake. Nagarjuna Konda, wherever the antediluvian Buddhist unearthings are migrated, is in center of the waters of Nagarjuna Sagar and might become back to by vessel. This mortal spot shut Hyderabad is pass crowds of guests throughout the storm season once all of the doors of the dam are opened, and astonishing views on the water falling through the twenty-six entryways from a tallness of quite a hundred meters build it a rare spot to go to along with your companions.


The town of Hampi is set inside the remaining parts of Vijayanagara, the past capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since it houses the old-fashioned Virupaksha Temple close by a couple of various tourist spots.


Hyderabad to Hampi separation is around 370 KM and takes around 7-8 hours of drive.


It has a couple of Hindu sanctuaries with Vedic folklore on display inside.

9. Mallela Theertham:
Mallela Theertham

At a separation of 58 km from Srisailam and 173 km from Hyderabad, Mallela Theertham is an enchanting cascade situated in the thick Nallamala timberland. This is one of the mainstream visitor spots to visit close Hyderabad and among the perfect end of the week excursions from Hyderabad for a multi-day trip. It is arranged near Hyderabad to Srisailam roadway and is a prominent spot to visit while going to Srisailam. With a stature of around 150 feet, water straightforwardly tumbles from a high precipice on a Shiv Lingas sort of shake developments. Circumscribed by thick timberland, the surroundings of the falls offer one of a kind encounter. The water originates from a little stream which moves through the thick wilderness and meets the Krishna River. Around 380 very much laid advances should be strolled down to achieve the tumbles from the street point. The pool underneath the falls is shut with fencing on all sides. Be that as it may, there is a way to achieve the base of the falls and play in the water, if the progression of the stream isn’t substantial. The water from fundamental falls streams into another pool in the region, shaping another little however adorable cascade, however achieving the base of this fall is minimal troublesome. It is said that numerous sages have performed compensations here for Shiva. It is accepted that numerous tigers visit this spot to drink water during summer. Mallela Theertham is a decent spot to home base for an end of the week to appreciate with loved ones. As it is nearer to Hyderabad, numerous understudies and workers come here to appreciate on the ends of the week. In the wake of voyaging 50 km from Srisailam towards Hyderabad, you need to bring right transform into timberland at Vatwarlapally and drive for around 8 km to achieve the falls. The methodology street towards the falls is uneven and deteriorates in pinnacle rainstorm. Automobiles and Jeeps are additionally accessible from Vatwarlapally. The best season to visit the falls is from October to February. Sightseers may not discover much water in the summer season.

On the off chance that you are in the mind-set to encounter some otherworldliness, there are some superb spots with old Hindu sanctuaries that fit the bill for immaculate end of the week goals. You can likewise discover national stops close Hyderabad on the off chance that you are an untamed life aficionado. Whatever your end of the week state of mind is, you can without much of a stretch locate the correct goal to head out to around Hyderabad.