Some Exciting Places Around Chennai For Road Trip

Some Exciting Places Around Chennai For Road Trip

Chennai is not a place; it is an emotion for many people. Food and temples will come in our minds when you think about Chennai while there is a lot of places in Chennai to explore. Neighbouring places in Chennai are too good to visit. Many IT workers make a road trip from Chennai to outer places on the weekend. Hangout with friends during the weekend is the most astonishing way to wind down. Do you guys want to know what to do this weekend? We are here to help you to give the best idea to explore. On a road trip from Chennai, you can choose to go shorelines or plains or expressway. A road trip with your lovable one is a dream for many; you can reach out to the spot and enjoy it in a day. Here is the choice. 

1. Chennai to Mahabalipuram(56 km):


Everybody knows this beautiful and historic beach town, Mahabalipuram. It is located very close to Chennai. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many historic wonders were travelling to this many every year. Located 56km from Chennai. One of the most famous places here is the shore temple, which is built in the 8th century. The Photographers’ favourite place in Mahabalipuram. Mahabalipuram dance festival is one of the best events; you should not miss. Planning for the team outing then Mahabalipuram resort is the best place to have fun and spend the weekend. A lot of activities are also available. Try and play it out with the team or with your partner. Enjoy the ride in the breezy air and feel the BGM (Avalum Naalum) ARR song with your lovable one.

Places to visit:

The Shore Temple,


Arjun’s Penance

Krishna Mandapa

Ganesha Ratha

Draupadi Ratha

Sculpture Museum

2. Chennai to Pondicherry (151km):


South India’s France in Pondicherry. The greatest attraction in Pondicherry is the whole city has a combined flavor of french. Many oldest french houses are now converted into homestays and restaurants. The french cuisines will surely amaze you. The roads and houses are expressing the beauty of Pondicherry. Walk along the seashore and catch a glimpse of sunset with your partner is the most romantic one. Things to do in Pondicherry will surely amaze you. Mostly half of Chennai spends its weekend here. Beach lovers should visit all the beaches in Pondicherry. The ride from Chennai to East Coast Road is an extremely scenic and mesmerizing experience.

3.Yelagiri( 220km):


The nearest hill station to Chennai is Yelagiri. Located 230km from Chennai. If you want to spend this weekend more relaxed and free from work pressure. Start this weekend to go uphill by the road trip. Making it a favorite and memorable trip. Yelagiri is best known for its windy roads and amazing view. The natural beauty of this place and greenery bring happiness automatically in your minds. A best refreshing place for corporate peoples, Team hangout or friends hangover. Adventure lovers should visit this place. A popular destination for paragliding. A lot of waterfalls and lakes, parks in Yelagiri. You will get lost in the beauty of farms, hills, gardens, lakes, and waterfalls in Yelagiri.

4. Pulicat:(70km)


Pulicat is a beautiful seashore, located in Thiruvallur district. Located 70km from Chennai. Take a road ride with your family. It is the best weekend gateway from the daily routine. One day enough to visit all those places. A popular destination for bird watching. A stunning location for migratory birds. Many watersports activities and beach activities are most forms of entertainment in Pulicat. The best time to visit this place is from October to March. Visit this place except for the month of winter and summer. This place should be the favorite place for history lovers and backpackers, natural beauty lovers.

5. Auroville (165km):


It is extremely another world. If you there, then you lose yourself here. Located very close to Pondicherry. It is a small township under the guidance of Shri Aurobindo to showcase an ideal society. You can feel a unique experience when you come here. This place gives more inspiration to many. Visit this place once in your lifetime. Start your drive from Chennai to Auroville. Here, a lot of food, dress, art, paintings are there. You can experiment with international cuisines here. Walk down the trail to learn more about nature at its best. Come here and experience organic farming and sustainable farming here.

6. Tirupati:


Want to explore hill station and devotional journey? Tirupati is the best place for you! The renowned journey site devoted to Lord Vishnu, Tirupati is a most loved end of the week passage for occupants of Chennai. Other than its religious worth, this spot is additionally acclaimed for the otherworldly atmosphere that lifts dispositions and tops off your faculties with inspiration and vitality. Tirupati’s laddoo Prasad made in a one of a kind way, isn’t moved by any human hand. The idea of shaving off the head as an offering to the Lord is similarly astonishing. There are a few accounts of marvels and folklore to astonish individuals in Tirupati.

Looking for a fun road trip from Chennai? This all place mentioned above gives you the way to very charming places. Choose the best road to travel then you can see the scenery instead of keeping your eyes on the streets. There is plenty of things there to see while you travel before your final destination. Check out a perfect road trip from Chennai. Safe Travel!