Trekking In Kerala

Trekking In Kerala

Taking single or multi-day hiking trips through rustic, rugged mountain trails is truly a delight for the adventurous souls in you. Numerous individuals who love hiking participate in longer excursions through the hilly districts of Kerala, making use of trekking as a method for getting from one location to another. It may be combined with various other journey sports like rock climbing, camping, etc. As you proceed walking thru the inexperienced grass and rural areas, you may get to enjoy beautiful perspectives round you. Trekking thru secluded areas will give you an experience vastly one of a kind than journeying to more popular destinations.

Chembra Peak:

From Meppady close to Kalpetta the district centre of Wayanad, you begin the trek via massive tea plantations with its very own extraordinary smell, passing thru clouds of mist as though in a mystery story, input lush forests, discover the trekking paths left by previous adventurers or make your very own and reach the Chembra Peak. It rises to a top of 2100 meters above sea level. You will feel that your trek of 14 km was really worth the hardships whilst you see the unexpected heart-shaped lake en route to the summit. Trekking to Chembra Peak is not for the tender-foot however for those with some preceding experience. The neighbourhood tribal folks familiar with each path and step are willing to assist and their advice is valuable. Permission of the Forest Office is necessary.

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

A forest pathway going through semi-evergreen and evergreen backwoods of Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, Kollam, is a trekker’s enjoyment. The beaten track is preservation and assurance situated excursion sorted out by the haven to instruct vacationers on vegetation. Troops of Lion-followed Macaques are regularly observed on the way. Gaurs and elephants are frequently located along the path, which is additionally bottomless in heap winged animals, butterflies, and creepy crawly species. Trekkers are joined by aides and woodland monitors. 

Dhoni Hills 

Trek to Dhoni slopes is a short and simple one and fitting for first-time trekkers. The significant fascination of the trek is the Dhoni cascades which can become to by a 4 km trek. Surges of water racing through the slope is a captivating sight to watch. You can spruce yourself up directly underneath the cascade. You can likewise convey nourishment and water to the highest point of the slope and have an end of the week cookout getting a charge out of the genuine feel of nature.

Silent Valley National Park:

This is a park located in the Nilgiri Hills popularly known for being a tropical rainforest home to diverse butterflies, moths and beetles. It was found and named by the British as Silent Valley due to the nonattendance of cicadas. In the event that you are searching for alternatives for timberland trekking in Kerala, there are a few paths for you to pick from here like the cascade trail, backwoods trail and a stream trail. These contrast as far as trouble and what you can see en route. Every one of these treks requires consent from the woods specialists and start from Mukkali, which is the base camp. It is additionally called Sairandhrivanam is otherwise known as Sairandhri’s Valley originating from the Hindu folklore. Sairandhri is basically Draupadi, the spouse of Pandavas who invested the energy of outcast as Sairandhri – Queen Sudeshna’s right hand. The story is the Pandavas started descending south and risked upon this locale what we know as Kerala. 


Rajamalai is a little slope station arranged inside the Eravikulam National Park. The recreation centre was established to secure the imperilled Nilgiri Tahr. Excursion to Rajamalai is for nature darlings and to appreciate trekking. The Eravikulam l national park is spread over a region of 97sq km and is an ensured territory. The recreation centre is separated into 3 areas of the centre zone, the support zone and the travel industry territory. Aside from the Nilgiri Tahr, different species possessing the recreation centre are elephant Gaur, Leopard, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Tiger, Giant Squirrel, and Sambar. Feathered creatures, greenery and uncommon herbs are likewise observed. Guests are permitted to trek in the travel industry zone, which is in the Rajamalai locale. Sightseers can take safari and trekking visits inside the recreation centre. One can stroll along the path or board the safari transport. Passage charge is to be paid at the section direct contiguous toward Munnar – Udumalpet Main Road.